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Our Projects. 

A combination of Federal and Nevada solar programs are making it possible to get solar installed on your home at no cost while also reducing your monthly bills. This program is running out and only some homes qualify.

In an effort to reduce demand on the grid, your utility company will now pay you credit for going solar if you submit an application before the end of the year.  Save immediately and get paid for switching to solar with $0 spent out of pocket. 

Here in Nevada, we are fortunate to have such a government program that provides incentives for going Solar.

Solar Panels over clean energy earth
Project 1. Why Solar?

Installing an energy storage system to complement your rooftop solar system can bring additional benefits. These systems allow the storage of excess energy generated by your system that can be used to offset other usages during peak demand periods or when the solar system is not generating energy, like at night or during times of cloudy weather. NV Energy also offers incentives to solar customers installing energy storage systems.

Infographic showing benefits of switching to solar power
Project 2. Benefits of going Solar

Net metering (NEM) allows you to receive a credit for the energy generated by your renewable energy system, which you can use to offset your monthly energy bill.


All customers with renewable energy systems may be eligible for NEM. The most common renewable energy system used for net metering is using photovoltaic solar panels. 

In addition, with this year's changes as of January 2023, NVEnergy has increased its rates by another 14.06%. Furthermore, Nevada Energy will be changing rates on a quarterly time frame for all Nevada residents.  Going Solar will help secure a fixed cheaper payment that will never be affected by inflation or any other economic changes.

Cartoon image showing that solar panels save you money
Project 3. Bill Swap

In the traditional payment on your energy bill, as a homeowner, you are paying for power produced by Nv Energy, with Solar you are paying for the panels that produce the power. It's a payment that is towards ownership of the system. Ultimately building equity on your home, and eventually an end date with your panel payment. Conventional power bill payment will never end, and continued rate hikes year after year. 

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