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How we can all benefit from Solar Panels.
7 Benefits of Using Solar Energy

  • Impact on the Environment. ...

  • Reduce Your Energy Bill. ...

  • Energy Production during Peak Hours. ...

  • Solar Energy Is Applicable Everywhere. ...

  • Less Electricity Lost During Long-Distance Transport. ...

  • Improves Grid Security. ...

  • Job Creation.


Reasons to go Solar in Nevada:

-Reduce electric bill & eliminate rate hikes

-Reduce carbon footprints

-Net metering plans

-Tax Credit Incentives

-No money down 

-Helps improve home value

-Recognized as an energy efficient home.

-Solar homes sell 20% faster than equivalent NON-solar homes. (US National Renewable Energy Laboratory)

Nevada Energy

Net Metering (NEM)


Private renewable systems connect to NV Energy through a process called net metering. Through net metering, you are able to send any excess energy generated by your system to the electric grid and receive monetary credit. However, if more electricity is delivered to you by NV Energy than you generate, you are billed the way you would as a regular, non-net metered customer.

Need to know

Solar is the fastest growing renewable energy in the World and here in Las Vegas, we have one of the best State for Solar due to long Sun hours and longer days. Take advantage of the Solar programs available to Homeowners. *We also service all lower 48 States*

-Zero Down to own panels

-Net Metering program

-30% Investment Tax Credits

-Local Incentives

-30 year warranty

Get Energy Report

Best way to get your copy of Energy Evaluation Report is to know how much is your annual average usage with Nevada Power.  By looking at your NV energy bill, we can determine the amount you use by looking at your bar graph.  

We can provide you a Copy of your Evaluation Report by sending us a copy of the bar graph from your power bill. 

Site Survey

Site survey is the first step to see if your home qualifies for our no cost installation program.

Design Approval

Our team will confirm the final design of your system prior to installation.

Latest Project


Solar power systems derive clean, pure energy from the sun. Installing solar panels on your home helps combat greenhouse gas emissions and reduces our collective dependence on fossil fuel. Traditional electricity is sourced from fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas.


The key in our installation is that all conduits are hidden and tucked in the attic or crawl space and painted to match the house for better curbside appeal and a cleaner overall look.

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